Friday, March 25, 2011

Watching Cookies Dry :0)

Hi Everyone!!

While my cookies dry for the night, I guess I'll drop a few lines and let everyone know what is to come in the next months. First of all, I want to thank everyone for being such loyal customers and followers. Today has been a good day for Cookie Crush. We expanded to YouTube last week and Twitter today... and so far so good. I'm having great success with everything. I'm super thrilled.

So New Business Cards are in the process... I'm excited, I'm also getting sticker labels for a few of my products, Ive added new flavors and menu Items ((Which is always good)), and I plan on doing a few prize drawings in the next up coming months. ((Hint: Easter))

Facebook will be the first to know, followed by Blogger, and Twitter. I'm hoping to draw some new customers in for the upcoming holidays.

I'm so blessed to have such success with my company, I want to thank everyone for ordering from me, especially my repeat customers. All of you are AWESOME :0)

Well, I have Zebra stripes to paint, which are due @ 8am..... So I better get to painting. Pics coming soon Of Course :0) Have a good Night!!!

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