Friday, March 11, 2011

Using Two Cutters... To Create One!!!

This weekend I got the cutest order for a new moms babyshower. The theme was Buttons, Bears, and Bows.....

So I went on the search for cutters, after rumbling through buckets of the things I came to the conclusion that I did not have a Bow cookie cutter.

Usually I run to the local Hobby Lobby and search there, and If I can not find it I begin to search the internet.

((I have a few favorite sites, that Ill post later!!))

But with the order being so soon there was no way I could get the cutter in time. So as I sat digging through the buckets of cutters, I thought... what does a Bow look like..... Well duhh..... It looks like a butterfly.


Heres what I did!!!

First I found a butterfly cutter that would make a good size bow....

and a cutter with pointy right angles... I was also making #2 cookies so this is the one I had on hand.... You could use any cutter with right angles.....

I then rolled out my dough and started to cut out Butterflies.....

I used the angled cutter to take off the end of the butterfly.... creating a bow shape.

From here I baked , cut, and baked some more.... A grand total of 7Dozen!
Needless to say its been a very long night... Here are the finished cookies. Cant wait for the new mommie to see them!!! Enjoy the shower girls, and Thanks for your order :0)

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